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Scheduit helps you to maximise the potential of your available time and grow your network.

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See which professionals are announcing their presence in locations convenient to you, whether on the road or at home.
Use our unique Schedumeter™ to see who best matches your professional interests and business activities.
Let others know when you are available for a networking meeting. Use your free time to meet new compatible people.

Available on Mobile

The Scheduit mobile application means that you can check for networking opportunities wherever you are, with no web browser needed. Our app is available for both Android and Apple platforms, and provides the same great features as the website.

Find professionals near you

You can search anywhere in the world to see who has announced their presence, then check your compatibility with them using our unique machine learning based Schedumeter™ and request a meeting.

Make better use of your free time by announcing your own presence, or announce at an event to make the most of networking opportunities.

Check out our suggested networkers

Many Scheduit users are "open networkers", meaning that you can exchange messages even if they haven't announced their presence. It's another great way to use Scheduit to build your professional network, by connecting with the people most relevant to your goals..

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