Make networking at your event, easy!

Scheduit is a web and mobile app that keeps your attendees talking, engaged and happy.

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Fun, intelligent networking - Attendees using Scheduit can browse through the profiles of other attendees and they can message them. This makes networking easy. Scheduit also has a fun feature that uses Artificial Intelligence to tell you how compatible you are with others.

Engagement beyond your event - When your event is over, your attendees can continue to communicate with you and with each other using the app. This keeps your event top of mind even after it has happened.

A mobile event brochure - Our app includes an agenda (supporting multiple tracks) and interactive maps. Your attendees will always know what to do & where to go.

91% of event planners say that adopting a mobile event app has provided a positive ROI.
GES (Global Experience Specialists)
“ Scheduit helped us provide our attendees with an effective and unique networking experience. We were happy to see that many of our clients used the app to engage each other and arrange meetings at our conference.

I also particularly enjoyed working with their team who always did their best to support us. I would definitely recommend Scheduit to event organizers who want to stand out by offering an exceptional networking experience. ”
Gareth Quinn, Digital DNA

Features and Pricing

  • Networking & Messaging
  • Mobile Agenda + Map
  • Social Media Integration
  • Native Mobile Apps + Web
  • Guaranteed Support
  • Easy To Use
  • Sponsor Profiles
  • Push Notifications
  • Polls
  • Event Branding
€199 + VAT
€699 + VAT

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scheduit and why should I use it?
Scheduit is a location-based networking and event app. It’s available on web and mobile (iOS & Android). Scheduit gets everybody talking and connecting at your event. Networking is one of the most important aspects of any conference and our unique artificial intelligence technology gives you an innovative and effective approach to facilitate networking.

Scheduit also includes event features that help event organizers create a more engaged event experience. These include mobile agendas (supporting multiple tracks), interactive maps, dedicated pages for sponsors and much more. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
Do we offer ticketing and registration features?
At the moment, we do not offer ticketing and registration features for events. However, we will soon be offering a solution so stay tuned.
If my event is happening soon, can I still use Scheduit?
Yes definitely! It takes less than a day to put your event up on Scheduit. With that said, it is always best build the app early to leave yourself more time to promote your event, and make sure the attendees get the most out of Scheduit.
Does the app help me communicate with my attendees?
Scheduit allows event organizers to send push notifications to attendees to inform them of event updates. These may include delays, prize winners, reminders and more.
Is Scheduit useful after the actual event?
This is one of the big value adds of using Scheduit. When the event is over, all your attendees can continue using Scheduit to network with other professionals, including people who weren’t at your event. Furthermore, when you organize your next event, you can use Scheduit to reach out to previous attendees and keep them informed of your future plans.
“ Scheduit is a great tool. It helps you meet the right people to advance your career or business. Scheduit lets you set up useful meetings wherever you are in the world but it also helps you break the ice at networking events and find compatible people to meet in your city. ”
Chris Peregin, PR Specialist
PS. “ I wanted to chip in and tell you something about our vision. We’re a company that believes business events are transforming rapidly. We are part of a movement of innovation, a movement of positive change that brings added value to event stakeholders. Our clients are also a part of this movement. Like us, they invest in being leaders in the event industry. If you believe in innovation, join us and let’s lead together ”
Dr. Abdalla Kablan, Scheduit Founder