Frequently asked questions

When should I announce my presence?

The short answer is whenever you like!

You may have a business trip booked that gives you some idle time either side of a meeting. You may have several hours to kill at an airport between flights. In each case, announcing your presence and agreeing to meet someone who requests to meet you can make those hours productive instead of wasted.

Of course, you don’t need to travel to announce your presence. Maybe you know you’ll have a quiet day in a few days time. Why not announce and see if anyone in your area would be interested in meeting you?

What does it mean to ‘announce your presence’?

Announcing your presence means that you are indicating that you are available to meet for a networking meeting at a particular date and time.

What should I write in the comment section of an announcement?

In the comments section, you typically describe the people who you wish to meet. In the case that you’re open to meeting a wide-range of people, you can leave this field empty. You will eventually start receiving meeting requests from people who are compatible with you.

Who can see my announcements?

Announcements are visible by anyone who is logged into Scheduit. This means that people not signed up to Scheduit cannot view announcements.

What does the lightning symbol mean?

One of the unique features of Scheduit is that it shows you how compatible you are with other users. The more the lightning symbol is filled, the more compatible you are with the person.

How do I reduce the number of email notifications that I receive?

Log into your account through our website (not through our apps). Once logged in, click on the ‘cog’ in the top right-hand corner and click on ‘Edit your Profile’. Once the page loads, scroll down and you’ll see the notification settings. Set them to ‘few’ or ‘none’ according to your preference. We do not recommend that you set them to ‘none’ as you will be missing out on a number of potentially important networking opportunities.

How do I view the news stories I saved?

To view news stories that you saved, click on the ‘cog’ symbol in the top right-hand corner. From the drop-down, then click on ‘Your saved stories’. There you will find all the news stories that you have saved.

What are Schedupoints?

Schedupoints are an exciting way to stand-out, build credibility and make networking more fun for you. As you start gaining more schedupoints you start increasing your level making you more likely to receive meeting requests from other compatible networkers that you wish to meet.

As you reach the higher levels (which is very manageable), then you can also start qualifying to receive perks and prizes that we reserve for dedicated networkers using Scheduit.

How do I earn more Schedupoints?

Earning more schedupoints is simple. The more you use Scheduit and network with other people, the more points you earn. Here are the exact amount of points who earn per action:

Complete Profile = 10 points
First Announcement = 20 points
Normal Announcement = 10 points
Request Meeting = 10 points
Accept Meeting Request = 10 points
Send Message = 5 points
Invite Friends = 30 points

We are rewarding you for growing your network.

What are Schedu-Levels?

Schedu-Levels represent different levels of activity on Scheduit. If you have a high schedu-level, then that indicates to others that you are familiar with the platform and more likely to be an active user. Scheduit members who have a high schedu-level are more likely to receive messages and meeting requests because their high ranking indicates that they are more likely to respond and be proactive on Scheduit. Once you are promoted to a schedu-level, you cannot go back down to a lower level.

How do I get promoted from one Schedu-Level to the next?

There are five different schedu-levels. You need to reach a specific number of points to move from one schedu-level to another. The schedu-levels are:

  1. Newcomer
  2. Active Networker (minimum 50 schedu-points)
  3. Professional Networker (minimum 100 schedu-points)
  4. Expert Networker (minimum 200 schedu-points)
  5. Scheduist (minimum 400 schedu-points)
Why are Schedu-Points and Schedu-Levels important?

The more schedu-points and the higher your schedu-level the more benefits you get from using Scheduit. Users who gather the most points per month have an opportunity to start winning prizes. Furthermore, if you have a high schedu-level, you also have an opportunity to start benefiting from perks that we reserve for our top users.

Basically, we reward you for growing your network. It’s that simple.